global sourcing accountability
and transparency

We believe that how we source and produce our products begins with the treatment of the people who make them. We have long-term partnerships with our suppliers and focus not only on monitoring, but also ensuring that we are collectively creating real change. We believe in accountability and have a rigorous audit process in place. The audit process focuses on sustainable production; safe AND respectful working conditions; forced labor prevention and transparency.

our processses

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We engage in third-party verification to assess risks in our supply chain related to human trafficking, slavery and other labor issues.

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We engage an independent party to conduct announced and unannounced audits of our suppliers’ facilities.

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We maintain internal accountability procedures to hold associates and contractors accountable to company standards on slavery and human trafficking.


By 2025, we plan for 100% of suppliers to have policies and programs to advance gender equity.

By 2030, 100% of our suppliers will meet or exceed our social and environmental standards.

By 2025, we will establish a collective action projects with our suppliers to raise awareness for human trafficking and women’s empowerment.

2022 ambitions

Continue training, monitoring and auditing suppliers and factories using our Merchandise Code of Conduct to promote best practices.

Continue refining our onboarding process for suppliers and factories with a focus on human rights AND human trafficking based on International Industry Standards.

Continue working with our suppliers to have policies and programs to advance gender equity and diversity. We will work closely with our vendors to stay connected on ethical and socially conscious change.

Create a pathway to knowing and ensuring raw materials are produced and procured in a way that does not have a negative impact on people or the planet.

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