diversity, equity
& belonging

At maurices, our value of People First recognizes that each us bring unique backgrounds, interests and perspectives that contribute to our amazing culture and success. Putting people first means working to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected. We are committed to embracing the uniqueness in each of us, including race, ethnicity, gender, language, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political convictions, socio-economic status or any other aspect that enables our associates and partners to bring their authentic selves to work and our customers to feel comfortable and welcomed as they shop with us.


By 2025, 30% of our workforce will be individuals who self-identify as BIPOC, with a particular focus on positions that drive decision making within the organization at both the corporate and store level.

In FY 2022, we will invest in our Field and Home Office leaders by offering up to 10 hours of professional service training aimed at understanding bias, anti-racist behavior, discrimination and actions to support an inclusive environment.

Develop a philanthropic strategy that enables us to partner with nonprofits that support under-represented groups through monetary and in-kind donations.

Maintain gender parity on our executive leadership team and continue our strong female representation on our Key Leadership Team (80%).

2021 highlights


Created Listening Circles

Introduced DEB and Sustainability speakers at Town Halls

Introduced bias and anti-racist training

Introduced discrimination and harassment training

Developed Leading with Empathy session

Developed Microaggression Training

Developed a plan to launch Associate Resource Groups (ARGs)


Provided hiring managers with information on having a diverse slate of candidates

Explored alternate recruitment sources (HBCs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Veterans)

Updated recruitment materials


Developed “Doing Better” newsletter

DevelopedHeart + Soul map

Developed/explored external advisory council

Partnered with marketing on external communication aimed at anti-racist and social justice messages


Increased number and placement of BIPOC models on store signage

Focused on several civic responsibility messages (voter turnout, Juneteenth, etc.)

2022 ambitions

Build a robust DEB learning agenda that includes organizational wide learning, a mentorship program and associate resource groups.

Develop a diversity recruitment program though specific partnerships with Upturnships, veteran groups, BRAG (Black Retail Action Group), Runway of Dreams and HBCs.

Develop an iterative communication platform on maurices.com that transparently communicates our goals and progress to customers and associates.

Revamp our brand ambassador program to include 30% BIPOC representation.

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