Become part of the family
Become part of the family Become part of the family Become part of the family Become part of the family Become part of the family

With over 500 associates in our home office collaborating together in a space that fuels creativity and togetherness, it feels a lot like we’re one big family. It’s the same reason we call it our “home office” instead of our “corporate office” and refer to one of our main open areas as the, “the family room”.

Feel free to browse our space or explore the list below to find out more about each department that operates out of our home office.

Our merchandising team is where the creative side of trend and design merge with the financial side of planning and allocation.

We are the science behind the art of merchandising. We ensure that the right product gets to the right stores, at the right time, and in the right quantities. We are here to quantify the product vision by determining how much inventory to profitably invest for the company and each of our locations from style to department to total company product levels.

Our team supports our field and stores by providing regular communications to the store level. From training and development opportunities to numerous reports, we help managers analyze their business, while creating amazing events and programs to recognize and reward them. We also help coordinate new store openings and support remodels and relocations.

We’re the number crunchers and cash managers. Our team is responsible for helping business areas across the company understand their numbers to make smart decisions. We help provide support and analysis to enhance revenue and control expenses across the company.

From direct mail and digital to social media, public relations and cause marketing, it’s all about creating meaningful connections with our customers. We work closely with many departments to ensure we always have a pulse on our customer’s wants, needs, and everything in between.

We’re not your traditional human resources department. We’re really here to help recruit, develop and retain our top talent while having lots of fun along the way.

We’re the team responsible for finding new markets that will support a maurices store. We also find locations that allow us to relocate or expand stores within our existing markets. Our goal is to ensure top line growth through opening successful stores that exceed sales goals along with managing the bottom line by controlling occupancy costs such as rent and operating expenses.

Become part of the family

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