Illume™ rollerball perfume in tonka noir
Illume™ rollerball perfume in magnolia blossom
Illume™ demi perfume in golden honeysuckle
Illume™ demi perfume in sugared blossom
Illume™ rollerball perfume in blackberry absinthe
Illume™ rollerball perfume in copper rose
Illume™ lavish boxed hand creme in cloverleaf nectar
Illume™ demi perfume in thai lily
Illume™ demi vanity tin soy candle in thai lily

Find the Perfect Collection of Gifts for Friends and Family

Wearing the latest fashion is just part of the package when you are a woman. A woman wants to smell great also. At maurices you will find the Illume Gift Collection, which offers a variety of products that will leave a lingering soft fragrance. Some of the items in the Illume Gift Collection include the demi perfume in thai lily. This portable perfume with roller ball design is the perfect fragrance to take along in your purse. You will treat yourself and those around you with the combined fragrance of orange, nectarine, lily, teak and musk. This perfume is free of animal ingredients and testing. The demi vanity tin soy candle in pineapple cilantro is a favorite among maurices shoppers. Fill your house with the aroma of cilantro, pineapple, rose petals, tonka, vanilla bean and musk. Inviting company over never felt so good when you freshen up your home with this. The Illume lavish boxed hand crème in coconut milk mango is a must have item. This creme will moisturize your skin with the scents of pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut milk, sugar cane and vanilla. For these and other lovely items shop the Illume Gift Collection at maurices.