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At maurices, we are obsessed with our plus denim selection! We’ve got you covered with a variety of denim washes, lengths, styles, brands and a fit for everybody!

For Every girl. Every occasion.

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At maurices we offer you an assortment of plus denim brands that are comfortable, affordable and some that have your favorite embellished back pocket details!

maurices denim

Love your legs! Affordable maurices plus jeans are available in the curvy fit (The Taylor), our original fit (The Kaylee) and the straight fit (The Ellie). All our plus denim are tailored to make any shape look good.

  • Good fit through the hips and thighs
  • If you loved the Orchid, you will love the Taylor - our curvy fit
  • If you loved the Briana, you will love the Kaylee - our original fit
  • If you loved the Ivy, you will love the Ellie - our straight fit
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maurices brand jeansmaurices brand jeansmaurices brand jeans
maurices denim flex

maurices offers the full figured girl amazing comfort and fit with our Denim Flex™ jeans. These plus jeans look great on all body shapes and sizes, while being comfortable and versatile.

  • Super stretchy fabric holds its shape and moves with you
  • Great back pocket designs, dress it up or down
  • A great fit for all body shapes because of the fabric
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maurices denim flex jeansmaurices denim flex jeansmaurices denim flex jeans
maurices premium denim

maurices plus Premium denim means high quality fabric and details that can easily be worn dressy or casual. A super soft denim that’s available in different styles, washes and leg openings in plus jeans. Perfect for any occasion!

  • maurices premium denim is made from 98%cotton 2% spandex
  • All maurices premium denim is the original fit
  • Premium fabric has a softer feel and comes in a variety of washes
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maurices premium denimmaurices premium denimmaurices premium denim
silver jeans co.

Plus Silver Jeans Co. are the must-have denim for those who demand a perfect fit from their jeans. Silver Jeans Co.® is a time-tested family held company that blends modern and vintage details with intricate washes & creative designs into fits for every plus body shape.

  • Back pockets have uniquely stitched designs exclusive to Silver Jeans Co.
  • Distressing or sandblasting details are carefully placed so they flatter every size
  • maurices carries 3 plus Silver Jeans Co. fits: Curvy, Slightly Curvy and Straight
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silver jeans co.silver jeans co.silver jeans co.
Vigoss Jeans

Plus Vigoss® jeans brings new and innovative fabrics, unique design details, premium denim washes and treatments. Each plus style embodies vigoss’s unique characteristics and signatures.

  • Vigoss denim is offered in the original fit with 98% cotton 2% spandex
  • All Vigoss denim is made from 100% US source cotton
  • Back flap pocket designs are embellished and detailed
  • V-notch waistband fits comfortably on the waist and reduces muffin tops
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Vigoss JeansVigoss JeansVigoss Jeans
Hydraulic Jeans

Hydraulic Jeans® offer a plus jean that is perfection in fit, fabric and wash all while staying current with the latest trends in jeans. They offer plus denim amazing pocket details that are right on trend.

  • Hydraulic offers a variety of fabrics from ultra strechy jeans to crosshatch and slub
  • Whiskering and fading on jeans add flattering detail
  • Brand new plus Hydraulic Jeans® fits
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Hydraulic JeansHydraulic JeansHydraulic Jeans


maurices offers our plus customers a variety of leg opening options that are figure flattering! From plus bootcut jeans to plus jeggings we have you covered!The leg opening is the shape of denim from the knee down. You’ll want to have them all for different outfit choices!

bootcut jeans at maurices

One of the most slenderizing leg openings. From the knee to the bottom of the hem you’ll find a slight flare. Wear with your favorite heels or boots!

  • Available in several rises from mid-rise to super low
  • Straight fit through the legs slims and elongates
  • They also look great with a pair of heels
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bootcut jeans at mauricesbootcut jeans at mauricesbootcut jeans at maurices
slim boot jeans at maurices

This modern cut has a slim knee and more narrow to the hem than the bootcut. Very versatile for rolling up, wearing with ankle boots, tucking them into your tall boots or with heels! Here's a hint: these are too narrow to fit over tall boots!

  • Available in several rises
  • Slim fit through the knee
  • Don't forget these look great rolled up or with heels
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slim boot jeans at mauricesslim boot jeans at mauricesslim boot jeans at maurices
straight leg jeans at maurices

Don’t shy away from this one girls! You’ll find it flattering and versatile to wear a straight leg jean. It’s straight from the knee to hemline and can be rolled or cuffed, worn over ankle boots or heels.

  • Super comfortable leg opening
  • Look great from day to night, dressy to casual
  • Versatile leg opening works with any shoe
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straight leg jeans at mauricesstraight leg jeans at mauricesstraight leg jeans at maurices
jeggings at maurices

A fast favorite for the comfort and fashion appeal! It’s the perfect cross between a jean and a legging, it’s called a jegging! These have a slim fit from the thigh to the ankle and allows you to wear them with any style boot or flat.

  • Sits just below the waist
  • Comfortable and slim at the hips and thighs
  • Flattering material that stretches with the body
  • Skinny knee & leg opening
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jeggings at mauricesjeggings at mauricesjeggings at maurices


The term "fit" refers to how a pair of jeans fits in the rise, waist, high hip, low hip and the thigh. The rest of the jean, from the knee down, is simply referred to as the "leg opening".

When determining your shape, look at yourself in a mirror from the front. Take a look at the difference between your waist and hip. This waist-to-hip ratio indicates your shape more accurately. The greater the waist-to-hip ratio, the curvier the shape, the smaller the ratio, the straighter the shape.

Are you a curvy girl? Look for straight fits with a lot of stretch. Are you a straight girl? When trying curvy styles with a lot of stretch, you may consider consider sizing down. Also you CAN wear more than one fit!

The curvy fit jeans at maurices

Our plus curvy denim cut flatters your curves by having a higher rise to hit the natural waist and allows for more room in your hip and thighs. Is your waist line more defined? Then you are a curvy fit.

  • Our roomiest fit
  • Hits close to your natural waist
  • Relaxed hip and thigh
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The curvy fit jeans at mauricesThe curvy fit jeans at mauricesThe curvy fit jeans at maurices
The straight fit jeans at maurices

If there isn't much difference in your waist to hip measurment, then you are a plus straight fit. Slim and elongate your legs with a higher rise and FLEX denim that hugs the body. Super comfortable in the hip & thighs due to the stretch in the flex denim fabric.

  • Hits just above the waist
  • Straight through the hip and thigh
  • Many styles in the super comfortable flex denim fabric
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The straight fit jeans at mauricesThe straight fit jeans at mauricesThe straight fit jeans at maurices
The original fit jeans at maurices

If you waist is smaller than your hip (slightly defined), most common denim fit among us women, then you are an original fit. Hitting just above the hip bone this fit is slightly relaxed through the hip & thigh and looks great on all.

  • Hits at the hip
  • Most popular fit
  • Slightly relaxed hip and thigh
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The original fit jeans at mauricesThe original fit jeans at mauricesThe original fit jeans at maurices


The wash is the color or shade of denim. Do you need dark wash for work and medium wash for Saturday? Medium wash for work and dark wash for Friday night? maurices offers a whole range of plus jean washes from inky dark to medium blue.

The dark wash jeans at maurices

Our plus dark wash jeans are so versatile to dress up or down. Super saturated with color, you can go dark… or even super dark for the right occasion.

  • Dark or Super Dark wash is easy to dress up
  • Back pocket stitching really stands out
  • Contrast stitching shows off the jean's details
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dark wash jeans at maurices
The medium wash jeans at maurices

With a broad range of tones, plus medium wash jeans complement just about any outfit in any season. Stay on the edge of dark or go a little lighter without going all the way.

  • Fading or whiskering stands out well in this wash
  • Stitching is subtle and complements the jean's color
  • Looks great with any style of leg opening from wide to skinny
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medium wash jeans at maurices
The light wash jeans at maurices

Plus light wash jeans have the more ‘worn in’ style that softens the look you’re going for.

  • Stitching matches the light look of the wash
  • Back pocket details are designed to stand out
  • A light wash jean might feel lighter or thinner because of the washing process
  • Comes in a variety of styles and leg openings
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light wash jeans at maurices
The destructed jeans at maurices

Plus destructed jeans are a versatile finish that can be worn any way from super casual to a fun night out. Whether your style is subtly destructed or allover edgy, you will find a pair that perfectly suits you.

  • Destructed washes offer casual or rock ‘n’ roll style
  • Details give a great already worn-in look
  • Looks great on all washes from light to dark
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destructed jeans at maurices


At maurices we have many different plus lenths of jeans. From a length that goes with your flats to one length that works with your heels. From extra short to extra long we've got you covered! The inseam is measured on the inside leg seam from the crotch to the bottom of the hem.

Select an inseam to shop by:

  • Learn more about Abrasion Technique
  • Learn more about Rivets on Jeans
  • Learn more about Rip and Repair Technique on Denim
  • Learn more about Busting on Jeans
  • Learn more about Whisker Pattern on Jeans
  • Learn more about Blasting Technique
  • Learn more about Shanks
  • Learn more about Baking on Denim
  • Learn more about Denim Hand
  • Learn more about Jean Leg Opening
Abrasion Technique


Process of making garments look worn by scraping or rubbing the surface of the fabric causing abrasion.

Rivets on Jeans


A rivet is a mechanical fastener that holds two or more pieces of fabric together. On denim jeans, a rivet can be found at the corners of pockets or on other stress points to help prevent the denim from tearing.

Rip and Repair Technique on Denim

Rip & Repair

A process of destructing jeans where areas of destruction are “repaired” with patches behind the rips. This allows for coverage and keeps the rips from spreading as the denim is worn.

Busting on Jeans


A laundering or finishing process where holes are made in places that denim would naturally wear.

Whisker Pattern on Jeans


Fading or ridges, typically in the crotch area and back of knees which gives the appearance of worn-in denim.

Blasting on Jeans


A laundering process in which jeans are shot with guns of sand in order to give the fabric a natural worn look.

Shanks on Jeans


The projecting tube or ring on the back of a button by which it is sewn to the cloth.

Baking on Jeans


Treating jeans with a resin, then baking them at high heat so chemicals can merge with fibers to add color, stiffness and make creases permanent.

The Hand of Denim


The way fabric feels, ranging from soft to coarse.

Leg Opening on Jeans

Leg Opening

The silhouette or shape of a jean is defined by the leg opening: Jegging, Skinny, Straight,Slim Boot, Boot, Trouser, Flare.

Find Your Shape
A waist/hip ratio indicates your shape, not the size of your backside or thighs. The greater waist/hip ratio, the curvieror straighter fits are needed.
key terms and techniques to know about denim